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Mélita, M'Mylita, Kammila, or Milita?

My dear ones, you have certainly noticed that in publications about me, sometimes they call me Mélita, M'Mylita, Kammila or Milita!

I think it's time to undo this confusion, because after all, we're always talking about the same person.

Let me explain:

As you know, my name is Camila Máxima, but when in 1961 I appeared on the Official Broadcaster of Angola, as a candidate for the program "Gente Nova", by Manuel Moreno, this producer and singing teacher found this name too heavy for a young girl skinny like me and decided to give me the stage name Milita, short for Camila. Camila->Camilita-> Milita. And it was with this pseudonym that I became known and loved in Angola.

In 1975 I went to Brazil. Then I made friends with the great pianist Juliana Wagner, who was also a numerologist, and she did my numerology. From this study, she concluded that I should either change the spelling from Milita to M'Mylita, or use the name Camila with a "K" and two "M", which would result in Kammila.

When I recorded the album "Eu sou Angolana", I considered the advice and tried to follow it, but I realized that by adopting Kammila, or M'Mylita, I would be alienating myself from the Milita de Angola, and because I was no longer there it was difficult for the public to make the Association. I understood that in order to resume my history and consolidated career in Angola, I needed to keep my original stage name. But, it looks like there really is a problem with it. Well, both in Portugal and Angola, many people write and say Mélita, including journalists.

So, in the end, there was this confusion. So I found it simpler and more convenient to return to Milita.

What do you think? Leave your opinion!

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