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Marcolino Bragança, my father, a co-founder of the Sport Lisboa and Benfica

"During a visit to Lisbon in 2016, the singer Milita traveled the route where the history of the Benfica Football Club began, co-founded by her father, Mr. Marcolino Bragança de Meireles."

Released in Lisbon on June 6, 2016 by Dr. Alberto Miguéns on his blog:


Well, yes, dear friends,

for those who didn't know yet, I am the daughter of one of the founders of Clube de Futebol Benfica.

Thanks to the dedication and years of research by Mr. Alberto Miguéns, I was able to fulfill a great dream of getting to know my father's life more closely.

It was very emotional and I am very grateful to this new friend, who not only dedicated a whole day to me, my husband and my daughter, but for all the years of research dedicated especially to my father.

It was a spectacular day Mr. Miguéns showed us each path, each house, each stage taken by my father, who allowed Benfica to become the club that it is today. Too bad little is said about it. But his collection of photos is impressive. Even the original shirt of the time offered us.

For all of you, benfiquistas or not, do not forget to visit and appreciate the beautiful work he has done on his blog, as there are very few fans as dedicated as he is. Hats off.

Thank you very much!

Benfica - P
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